FWCloud is a web application that allows centralized and secure management of Linux-based firewalls. It’s a cloud application, which is essential  to allow it to be used from anywhere, anytime and with any device.

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FWCloud consists of two main modules:

(Front-end) FWCloud-UI (User Interface)

The user interface allows the user to manage all of his firewalls. It is being developed using Angular framework, to provide a desktop-like look and feel. It uses FWCloud-API, the other module, to perform all the actions carried out by the user.

(Back-end) FWCloud-API

REST API, developed in Node.JS, to perform all the actions allowed by the application. It's possible to access the API directly without using FWCloud-UI to carry out automatic actions, such as blocking an IP address.

The application allows to create logical groups of firewalls, which are called FWClouds and are the reason of the name of the application. FWClouds are logical groups of firewalls, firewall clusters, IP objects, VPN connections, etc. For instance, you can use a FWCloud for each one of your clients, or to group all your company headquarters firewalls.

«All your firewalls at the reach of your hand»


FWCloud comes up as an idea to satisfy the need of speeding up an important task of our daily work at SOLTECSIS, which is the administration of Linux-based firewalls.
Before we had the first functional version of FWCloud, we were using Firewall Builder to manage our customer firewalls. It's a very handy tool, but it comes with a lot of lacks. Besides being a discontinued project since mid-year 2013, it's developed as a desktop application, with all the drawbacks that this implies to access remotely to it. Also, it doesn't come with a lot of features that we need, such as the management of VPN connections.
Because of these reasons, we decided to create a new tool for managing Linux-based firewalls using the latest technologies, accessible using a web interface and featuring our most needed functionalities, as VPN connection management, QoS, routing and more. This way, FWCloud was born.

«One cloud to manage them all»

Open Source

FWCloud is an OpenSource project under the GNU Affero General Public License v3.

You can install it in your own servers or, alternatively, you can contact us to use our cloud service to manage your firewall clouds.

In the download and installation sections you can find concise instructions to install the software and getting started in few minutes.

FWCloud is our contribution to the OpenSource community, from which we’ve taken so much and to which we have so much to thank.